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Wellness, Health, Healing, Relaxing:

20 Ludwig St Dorchester, ON N0L 1G4
Hearing Instrument Fitting System

Dorchester Pharmacy
1A-2135 Dorchester Rd Dorchester, ON N0L 1G2

Dorchester Terrace
143 Byron Ave. Dorchester, ON N0L 1G3
Retirement Residence

Diagnostics Biochem Canada
41 Byron Ave Dorchester, ON N0L 1G2
Develop and marketing of Immunoassay Kits

Elevate Yourself to Wellness
Audrey deVoogd Spoelstra
Office -519-268-3316, Cell- 519-871-0148
3285 Catherine Street Dorchester, Ontario N0L 1G4
Holistic nutrition clinic, Bood Type - Food Intolerance Test, Hair Mineral Test, Nutritional Counselling to your good health

For the Look Salon & Spa
Eva Empey & Loralee Aarts
4032 Hamilton Rd Dorchester, ON N0L 1G2
Spa Services, Make Up, Waxing, Facials, Hair Salon Services

Huna Healing Centre
Beth Silva
194 Huntington Cres. Dorchester, ON N0L 1G3
Individual healing components of the physical and energetic body using a system that provides unparalleled support, compassion and education.

Quench Essentials
1-519-268-0151 or 1-888-334-8318 (International)
1067 Donnybrook Dr Dorchester, ON N0L 1G5
Water Soluble Ionic Minerals for a healthy body


Shoppers Drug Mart - Dorchester Store #1069
519-268-7341  Fax - 519-268-2156
2300 Dorchester Rd Dorchester, ON N0L 1G5
Health & Pharmacy, Beauty, Food & Home

The Healthy Lifestyle Store
32 Mill Rd Dorchester, ON N0L 1G2
Quality natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health 

VON Canada
Susan Muller
2066 Dorchester Rd Dorchester, ON N0L 1G2
VON's nurses, personal support workers, therapists and other health care providers care for Canadians in their homes, communities and workplaces. More than 75 home care, personal support, and community services designed for people of all ages to meet all your needs


Williamson Security Services
Dave Williamson
519-268-2002 or 519-697-3493
Home Security System, Automation, CCTV Surveillance, Automated Lighting, Live Streaming